plantation population database 1693 - 1733

During the slavery era plantation owners in the Dutch colony of Suriname paid taxes per person
present on their plantation(s). The public record for this tax per capita was called ‘Generale Lijst
der Hoofdgelden
’ (GLdH, literally: General List of Capita Tax). The database contains 40 of these
annual lists, processed for further research into early slavery in Suriname.

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Database version 3.0 online

As of March second 2020 a new version of the GLdH-database comes online. In 2018 and 2019 owner Nizaar Makdoembaks has produced a new publication on Seventeenth century Suriname. The research for that book also provided new information on a number of plantations. Information present in the GLdH-database has been adjusted where necessary and new links between plantations and owners have been added. In total 20 plantations have been processed for this version 3.0.

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New slavery publication by initiator database

On March first the initiator and owner of the GLdH-database project and this website, Nizaar Makdoembaks, has published a new study on Seventeenth century Suriname entitled ‘Homovervolging in tijden van slavernij Christelijke mensenoffers onder auspiciën van de Amsterdamse Sociëteit van Suriname‘ which freely translates as ‘The persecution of gays in times of slavery – Christian […]

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